Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Yodelling and Schwarzenegger

Today in Lucerne, Switzerland has certainly been an interesting one. It started out ordinary enough. Fine morning with a few clouds in the sky. Looked like a perfect day for a lake cruise.
Then the music started on board the boat. Yodelling and Swiss horns. Yes I know we are in Switzerland but do they play Maori chants on the Ernslaw in Queenstown? The captain started explaining the local scenery, and honestly, he sounded exactly like Arnold Schwarzenegger...a bored Arnold Schwarzenegger admittedly, but Arnie none the less. Maybe all men with a German accent and a deep voice sounded like Arnie, who knows.
The cruise carried on, the wind picked up and the clouds grew darker. There was thunder and lightening and it started to rain. We were, at that point, sitting on the top deck open to the elements.
Finishing the cruise under shelter on the lower deck, Arnie the captain talked about one of the hotels on the hill. A very beautiful hotel, the locals apparently call it the holy hotel. Why? Because when you see it you go "Oh my god!" and when you get the bill at the end you go "Jesus Christ!"

God: "We get fish in the lake THIS big!"

Yes Switzerland is very very expensive. Jesus Christ was the sentiment used last night when I worked out the conversion cost of our dinner. I have decided not to look at the Visa bill again till we get home.

After the lake cruise with Arnie, we were booked to go up Mount Titlis with the rest of our tour group. By this stage the weather had deteriorated further but we were still optimistic that despite the crappy weather it would still be a fun excursion. Driving along the pretty Swiss roads through the countryside we noticed that the road was getting ever increasingly covered in water. A landslip was the final cause of the coach having to stop and us having to abandon our trip to the mountain. However getting a 14 metre coach back down the country road was not such an easy feat. Lacking a suitable turning spot our driver simply reversed back down the road he came, a rather impressive manoeuvre considering the size of the bus.  

So because the scenery today didn't happen or it was raining, here are some photos from yesterday...when it wasn't raining.

Innsbruck, Austria

"How do I make it go?"

Umm?? (Yes I know I made him do it)

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