Friday, 3 June 2011

Royal Bling

Three days into our trip now. Yesterday we went to St Pauls and climbed 250 something stairs to the dome. Absolutely amazing building, so much bigger than it looks like in person to. There are no photos of the interior though because of the no photography rule for religious buildings.

St Pauls Cathederal
 From there we walked across the millennium bridge to Shakespeare's globe theatre.
Shakespeare's globe theatre

Looking at tower bridge
 Next on the agenda was the Tower of London. We got stuck by the tower as they were in the process of doing a 60 gun salute to mark the queens coronation. Once in though we joined a Yeoman Warder tour of the castle. According to the bloke below to become a Beefeater you have to serve 20 years in the Royal Army and have medals for service and conduct. They live on the grounds of the tower with their families along with the Governor of the tower of London and the tower surgeon. The particular guy who took our group round is also the keeper of the ravens that live at the tower.

Yeoman warder at the tower of London

At the tower we also saw the Royal jewels or bling, which were fabulous, but we did have to queue for about 1/2 and hour. 
Afterwards we joined a Jack the Ripper tour round Whitechapel, looking at the locations where the actual ripper murders occurred with a rather gruesome description from the guide on how the ripper skinned and butchered his victims.  
Original houses in Whitechapel

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  1. LOL I love the guys mustache in the tower of london photo.