Thursday, 30 June 2011

The ABC's of Europe

At the recommendation from a fellow traveller on our Cosmos trip, I am doing another photo blog. This one is dedicated to the ABC’s of Europe.
Another Bloody Church

Westminster Abbey (London), did not go in this one, but it was interesting to see the location where Pippa Middleton's rear end became famous

St Pauls (London), rather a large church, all I remember about this one was the burning pain in my legs after climbing 250 stairs up the dome

Windsor castle (London) even has its own church

Notre Dame (Paris), unfortunately did not see any hunch backs

Basilica of the Sacred heart (Montmartre, Paris), next door is the Moulin Rouge. Guess which had the bigger line.

And the great unfinished church of the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona), bit like New Zealand roads really.

The Pantheon (Rome) that great movie set from Angels and Demons…or was it National treasure?

Another bloody great church, St Peters (The Vatican), I wonder if St Peters and St Pauls is where that rhyme about Dicky birds came from…

This is the Santa Croce (Florence), famous people are actually buried here, Michelangelo and Galileo.

Another church in Florence, the Dome. Has, well, a dome…like the others actually

Even Pisa gets a church…or Abby…or monastery…something like that.

St Nicholas (Monaco), where we got to see Prince Albert having a wedding rehearsal.

Here was a church, or temple, in Pompeii…nice sacrificial alter. Don’t see many of those these days.

Very cute little church this one. Found in Aegina, Greece.

Another church in Greece, in a very dodgy area. Tour director had to guard the bus to stop illegal immigrants climbing underneath.

Venice has lots of churches….this is St Marks

And here is another, I’m not surprised they have a lot of churches given the locality of the city and the rate it’s sinking.

Austria and Switzerland also had lots of pretty churches. Lots and lots and lots of churches. All with domes that look like garlic or onions. This one is in Salzburg at Mozart square.

My rate of photo taking of churches has somewhat diminished over the course of the trip however, as the apathy of just Another Bloody Church sets in.

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