Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Flying Pigs

So the last blog I wrote we were in Paris. We have now moved on and are in Italy, but I will update what we have done to date.
On route to Barcelona from Bordeaux we passed through an area called Aquitaine, which is a region of France. The area is famous for a lady by the name of Elanor, who through her second marriage, married the King of England,  Henry the 2nd. They had four children, two of whom were King Richard the Lion heart and King John who is featured in the legend of Robin Hood. The fortified village of Carcasonne where we stopped for lunch, was the castle which Robin Hood prince of thieves movie was filmed. The legend of the castle goes that Dame Carcas was besieged in the castle by Charlemange. Near the point of total starvation she filled their last remaining pig with wheat and threw over the wall at the army. The army below, thinking they had so much food they were throwing it away, surrendered. Carcasonne is a beautiful example of a medieval fortified village, thankfully minus the sewerage flowing through the streets.

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