Saturday, 18 June 2011

McDonald's for Adults

Pompeii. The village that got in the way of an active volcano.
Not a great town slogan, but I suppose it’s more interesting than “Auckland, the city of sails”.
Pompeii is still being uncovered from the results of said volcano, and has been remarkably well preserved. Rather good news for tourism, slightly less good news for the 3000 people they have found cast in mud.
One of the buildings that was preserved was the town brothel. Complete with numbered pictures depicting the various erotic positions one could order. Kind of like a McDonald’s for adults. “Yes, I would like a number 4 followed by a number 7 please”. Also, helpfully, if you were in town and got lost, you could always find your way to the brothel by the various phalluses carved on the stone walls and paths, pointing you in the right direction.

That is what you think it is

The temple was also one of the buildings that has been dug up. Standing in front of the sacrificial alter, one has a marvellous view of Vesuvius, framed by Roman pillars. I wonder what the priests were thinking as the mountain erupted. “Shit. Perhaps we should of sacrificed more lambs”.

Temple alter with Mt Vesuvius in background

Victim of Pompeii

One of the typical streets in Pompeii

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