Saturday, 9 July 2011

Tips for long distance flying

Having completed two 40 hour flights across the world, I thought I should do a blog dedicated to long distance flying. Here is a list of things to do on a long distance flight

1.     1. Bring young children and babies aboard and let them scream for the entire flight
Fellow travellers will delight in your children as much as you do, thinking them sweet as they scream away an entire 14 hour flight. This will also be a chance to highlight your stellar parenting skills as you ignore their screaming and continue to watch your movies.

2.      2. Recline your chair as far as you can
Reclining your chair back as far as it goes as soon as the seat belt light comes off is a great way to get intimate with the passenger behind you. They won’t mind in the slightest when they find you sitting in their lap and unable to see their inflight entertainment screen

3.      3. Scream during periods of turbulence
Turbulence is a normal part of any flight, but you can make it lots of fun for fellow travellers by screaming every time the plane hits a rough patch. It’s a great way to make everyone feel calm and secure that their plane isn’t going to fall out of the sky.

4.      4. Keep your overhead light on during lights out.
Overhead lights are a great thing to read by, especially when the rest of the plane is dark and everyone else is trying to sleep. It’s especially great for the person next to you being bathed in light while they are trying to nap.

5.    5.   Kick the back of your chair.
Instead of annoying the person in front of you, think of it as a relaxing back massage keeping them awake while they are trying to sleep.


  1. Next time I fly I will make sure to follow your advice to the letter :-) thanks

  2. You forgot the bit about labelling your luggage with 10 name tags on each handle because then (just then!) maybe, the airline might not lose it!