Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Blog updates

Well we are back home in Dunedin, I have received so many comments from people saying they have enjoyed reading my blog, so I wanted to say thank you. Also someone told me that they couldn't comment on it, I apologize for this as I realise I had member only comments turned on. This has now been changed to anyone so if you would like to comment on any past blogs you can do so now.
There is also a couple of new features to, as per a request there is now a print button at the bottom of each blog which allows you to print out the blogs if you so wish (I know there was a couple of people wanting to do that).
I have also changed one of the settings to allow people with mobile phones to read it more easily, this being mostly my husband...
So a few updates there, hope you have all enjoyed the blogs so far. Keep tuned in though as there is still more to come.
Happy reading!

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  1. Catch up this weekend?? love to see the photos and hear more about your trip :-D