Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Secrets to travel writing

So I got a bit sick of my last blog site not allowing links to be added to the blog, so I'm starting afresh. I really enjoy reading about travel so I thought I would start writing more about it.
However though I have no idea where start, my writing tends to be the very dry variety..."I went to A, then B, saw X, then went to C'. Not all...

So I did what most people do, I googled it.

I found some excellent blogs about what to write, and how to write. No more A went to B for me. I found this blog on How to write a travel Journal, and in the process I figured out how to link a blog without copy and pasting links! I have a travel journal which I intend to write notes in, probably about photos I take mostly, but it does seem like a good idea to take notes about what we do each day.
I would never have thought about writing about the food, but I suppose that is a big part of foreign travel, mushy peas at KFC in England anyone? No need to write about the tube trip, even though it might be new to me, its not to everyone, if something interesting happens on the tube then sure, but leave the mundane out.

Secondly I had to come up with a catchy, witty title for this blog...*crickets chirp* back to google I went. How to craft brilliant travel blog headlines gave some excellent ideas, and the idea for the title of this blog. I must say I do love reading blogs with the headlines "how to...". As a travel overplanner I just love reading about locations I intend to travel to.

So bear with me as I enter the world of travel blogging, hopefully it will improve over time.


  1. omg bare with you? Are you taking all your clothes off?
    Haha cheers from Leigh

  2. Yea I know...Spelling is not my strong point